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Our voyage on the CLEAN program.  Cleanprogram.com.  Three weeks of utter detox!


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  1. Quite a clean day despite my hammering cold. Had some of the yummy brazil night smoothie this morning, then made the Moroccan Lamb for lunch but cooked it in the over, then made a gigantic salad for the next few days, and juiced lots of my vegetables including a pear and a beet and tons of greens, and made a raspberry coconut smoothie. I bought so many veggies the last two weeks that I need to prioritize the ones that might get old and unusable.

    Do you know how where to store fresh herbs? My cilantro and mint is going bad when left out, I learned the hard way not to refrigerate fresh basil last week, but my italian parsley seems to do fine on the shelf. Maybe I should post a quest. on the forum.

    Despite the encouragement not to exercise much, I think I undermoved today, a key factor in digestion. Pooped, but not as smoothly, and am feeling slightly atrophied. Maybe tomorrow will be better and I’ll be well rested, if I can sleep with this sore thrizzoat. Sall good. Salllll good. Gonna drink some water. So THIS is what a racehorse feels like!

    Hope you had a nice day, my compatriot in this international journey.

  2. Hi love! Oooh, raspberry coconut smoothie sounds delectable. What else do you put in it? Is it one of the recipes or a creation? I know, I’m trying to use up veggies fast, too. Fresh herbs I think you are supposed to keep in the fridge! I’m curious what went wrong with your basil cause I always keep basil in the fridge (in fact I have some now and it’s doing fine). I know what you mean, well kind of, about undermoving. I’ve been taking the bus and not doing anything the last two days! Very strange, very un-me, well un-me-lately anyway. I hope to get moving again next week (that’s what the Doc says in one of the videos on the site). Ok gonna see if my video is finally done processing! xo

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