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Let’s Write These Books Together

Not necessarily forever-titles:

Brian and Ali’s Rules For Life

Brian and Ali’s Guide to College

Brian and Ali’s Guide to Your 20s

Things Parents Know How To Do (co-written by my siblings)

Brian and Ali’s Fantasy Series That Is Totally Better Than Harry Potter (Or At Least As Good With Definitely A Better Ending)

Ok too hot to think. I was feeling inspired for about a second. ADD MORE!

PS: I made a new page for us to keep a record of things we want to do together, places we want to go, etc. Add more! And if you think of anything else that would make a good ‘page’ instead of a ‘post’ just do it!  What do you think about book titles? Projects? Hippy baby names? 😉



So my soccer Saturday got a little jumbled because 7/8 of the way through the game I rolled, or sprained, or turned my ankle and had to retire.  I was excited to be playing, though the running at lunch time didn’t seem to help me at all.  Since soccer is mostly anaerobic–lots of starting and stopping and turning and sprinting–the endurance is very different than 4-mile runs.  So,  I did the best I could but realized I was fatigued (and when you’re fatigued in soccer, oy vey, it shows and affect your ability to play well).  But I had kinda gotten over that and then, DOH, stepped unknowingly on the outside of my foot.  Maybe it’s God, or the World, telling me to slow down and take it easy.  I’ve done this three or four times, usually playing outdoor soccer.   I think I’ll buy new cleats (and take a few weeks off).

I made the pineapple mango smoothie this morning with coconut pieces but no agave syrup.  My kitchen sink has clogged due to some of the CLEAN blended/juiced refuse, but I poured some liquid plumber down’t–the garbage disposal is broken–and am crossing my fingers that it works (although it’s difficult to type with ifgrsne crossed).

That dream sounds like a whirlwhind, or like the thunderstorm we had last night!  I think I had one bad dream, a scary one a few days ago.  Can’t really remember it, but we were all in danger.  My mood has been a little cranky-oriented at times, when it’s been four or five hours without more than a few nuts, but it rebounds.  Rosanna and Paul are talking to me about the cleanse now at work, and the CAP team knows too (everyone on Friday asked, when I fled to go to the gym during the free pizza lunch, where I was going, but someone said, “Oh!  the cleanse” and frowned sympathetically).  For those who aren’t fully supported, they’re both interested.   A similar look of relief that people had when they found out you and I went to college together and didn’t just meet online across international boundaries, pops up when they find out I can still eat solid foods at lunch and it’s not the master cleanse.  Apparently a lot of people have had bad experiences with friends doing the master cleanse.

I need to read the book more.  Maybe I’ll do that today since I can’t really walk.  Was hoping to pack, but I think it’s too mobile.  Maybe I’ll watch a movie too.  Spent $150 at the co-op yesterday so I have lots of new interesting foods.  Malodextrin is one of the No metals or something?  I’ll look it up.  I got mesquite powder, which they said was white cacao powder, but it was organic and the carob powder wasn’t.  The TPSS Co-op is a whole new world on the Cleanse, love.  they have most of the stuff, and in those DIY containers in the back.  I got a lot of almond butter–so exciting.  I’m not craving sugar as much, and I get full more quickly.  It got to be about 90 and humid during soccer and I though I might keel over and die (but I didn’t).  The cats are being really cute–Leo’s especially being friendly.  I’ll miss them.  They, even being locked out of the room, were making Matt sneeze–he’s allergic–so I thought, okay this move away from them is good, Matt (and dug–who’s coming to visit July 1-4) can come visit and not have to worry about sneezing, running nose, itchy eyes, or trouble breathing.

Psyched to seeee you and talk tomorrow.  What time did we decide?  3pm your time, 4 mine?  I am pumped for the farmer’s market.  Maybe I’ll try to get up to go to the Seeker’s Church http://www.seekerschurch.org/   There are a bunch of them in DC.  We’ll see, I went to one at the Potter’s House and it was okay.

I love this blog.  I love that you set it up.  Should we write everything everything here, or should some things be saved for email?  I ask in order to be PoMo.  😉   Maybe this should be a post comment or reply instead of a new post?  I signed up finally on the CLEAN forum.  They had erased my first attempt because I took too long filling it out.  I could be on there all day.  Need to warm up some of the chicken veggie leftovers from last night.  I am soaking brazil nuts right now to make nut milk.

Hope yoga was good!  wish i was stretchin it with you.  I am happy it’s summer.  Once I leave work, everything’s a little lighter, even during downpours.  Hope your dreams improve!  Maybe I’ll try to meditate or stretch before bed as preventative medicine.  This just came out, I haven’t read it yet but it looks exciting: http://www.healthcare.gov/center/councils/nphpphc/index.html

Gonna sit here now, with my foot covered in a green towel over an ice pack, and my ears hurting for now reason, and feel purrfectly serene and at ease, as Leo seems over on that large plastic bag.  He seems to have reached the third B in Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

See you here soon My One,