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Thoughts, love?




I know you have lots to do besides read my articles and listen to my songs….only if you have a moment!

Looking at pictures of us this morning makes me really happy. I’m so excited to see you.



Comments on: "Thoughts, love?" (2)

  1. Ha! Yes, I’m catching up. Just finished commenting on June 28th. Will watch these videos now and continue my reading. It’s a hot day but I’ll spend most of it inside, unpacking, reading, writing, smoothieing. Going to post my latest photos of CLEAN to facebook because it’s quicker. Will tag you.
    11 days until we share the same bed for the foreseeable future :). !!!!

  2. I wondered what I’m wounded by. I think my parent’s divorce was a key factor in my life and I don’t look at it too much cuz it’s all I know. But there’s probably some unpacking there to find my wounds, and try to be open. Thanks for sending this, Love. I appreciate that you’re thinking about what I might be going through as a man.

    I had a great conversation with Jonah Wittkamer on Friday night. He works at Search for Common Good and has spent his adult life creating organizations that focus on youth empowerment and consensus building. Realllly interesting guy. He laid out some tenets about government that are similar to this July 4th critique. That lead us to having a conversation about the role of mediation vs. activism, and ways to lobby hard from one position, or critique wildly from the outside, as opposed to (or perhaps overlapping with) mediating between factions that don’t necessarily agree. For instance, one of Jonah’s production is trying to find common ground between evangelicals and gays. He said he doesn’t feel anger, and that really helps him in bringing folks together from differing viewpoints.
    I kept thinking about the potential pitfalls to Mr. Altucher’s argument, but then kept trying to just stay open-minded. I agree that dissent is super important. He seems to essentialize a great deal, but maybe that’s his writing style. Looking out from my window I wonder, who built these tall buildings? Who paid for them? Where did they get the money? Did they every take no for an answer? Did accomplishment and power motivate them, or was it love and family and were they just making a living.

    i am gonna take a walk. i have been inside too much today. it’s interesting to have a whole day to myself. i Did a lot of unpacking, still a little more to do. hope your sunday is swimming along well lover. thanks for writing and sharing

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