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Hello You! Today is July 2, which means we only have 12 more days until I pick you up at the Oakland airport and take you home for a wonderful week in the Bay. So excited. 😀

Check out this article, when you have a sec: http://tinybuddha.com/blog/set-yourself-free-3-ideas-to-become-more-conscious/

Here’s what I want to remember, speaks to some of what we’ve talked about too:

A life that is lived unconsciously becomes blunted and gray. It is lived in a repetitive cycle that becomes increasingly harder to break out of the older we get. It requires the ability to allow yourself to become a little bit uncomfortable from time to time, and as our era of convenience rages on, it’s becoming harder and harder for people to do.

Consciousness is about awareness: being alert to details, being in the moment, and most of all, simply being awake! Like everything else, it is something that is learned. It’s a habit we get into.

There are many different ways to awaken consciousness. Here are some of my personal favorites:


One of the main reasons why we are able to live unconsciously is because the element of fear has mostly been eliminated from our day to day existences.

How comfortable is your life exactly? If there’s nothing that challenges you, nothing that causes even the slightest bit of fear or trepidation, you are probably living underneath the surface of your life.

Challenge yourself. Do something out of the box. Take up white water rafting or mountain climbing. Sports are great for being in the moment, and the fear of losing the game is what drives you forward.


Traveling changes your basic viewing process. It rips you out of your head and your agenda and forces you to just focus on the world around you again.

After a while your expectations slowly drop away. Things expand. You’re not the center of the universe anymore. You become part of the world instead of a little bubble floating along in it.

Travel requires you to be a little bit vulnerable. You have to face numerous fears about being in a new place, not knowing where to go or what will happen next. You have to put yourself out there and trust that everything will be OK.


This is the most well-known way to cleanse and awaken the mind, and yet many people shy away from it. Meditation doesn’t have to happen alone in a quiet room.

My personal favorite form of meditation is action netball. When I’m on the court everything else just falls away and I become completely present and aware of only one thing: the ball! By the time the game finishes I’m exhausted and humming in a cleaned out sort of way. It’s beautiful.

Being conscious and aware is about opening your eyes to the world again, looking outside of yourself instead of always leaning into your own interior world. Step out of your bubble of existence and really take a good hard look at the world around you again. What do you see? Can you look at it without an agenda, without a preconceived idea in your head?

Freedom really is all up in your head. You have built your own cage and the keys are in your pocket.

No one can make you think a certain way. You have the power to change your own experience of the world if you can let go of your own preconceived storyline and allow the world to unfold around you.

We truly are our own keepers.




Comments on: "What I’m Reading Today" (1)

  1. It’s fascinating how she encourages us to be more aware of fear, and thus walk into it. Sounds good. Lots of deep breaths involved I’m sure. I’m spinning my wheels a bit with life coaching and it’s all about that, not wanting to face to fear. Not sure why. I think communicating with my higher power more and remembering I have an unshakable core will help. More meditation, prayer, maybe back to therapy once a week. I think having a buddy to brainstorm with will help too tho *wink hint nudge. if you’re interested. We could start building our life coaching/yoga/meditation/healing/creativity/spirituality ashram empire here without any site-specific location. Extension of the blog-project? I am excited to explore all the quasi-vocational, full-on-devotional things we can do together.

    I watched Ali G in da House last night which was right stupid, but it made me laugh enough times that I gave it 3 stars on netflix. His clips from his tv show are funnier, it’s like the movie needed a laugh track.

    My apartment is allllllmost unpacked, some tidying left to do. I need a ‘to do’ box for mail and projects. When I was talking with Jonah on Friday I realized the activism/advocacy/intercultural piece has been missing since moving here. In Boston I was involved in Cambridge/Somerville for Change and the Student Immigrant Movement and Whats Up Magazine before that. Of course there’s not lots of time to take on some new cause but maybe there are little ways I can contribute outside of work. Maybe a volunteer opportunity too. Or if I get some sponsees in AA. Vamos a ver. I really look forward to discovering some things we might do together.

    Peace. So much seems to come back to peace. Inner peace, outer peace. Peaceful moments, serenity, non-violent communication (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonviolent_Communication) I went to a workshop about it once, along with one on the Alternatives to Violence project. Thinking of ‘violent’ and different from just physical but more in approach and respect really broadens everything. Sometimes when the Republicans really piss me off I have dreams of testifying on the Hill and ‘exposing’ their hypocrisy and swindling, but then I realize my own violent reaction would rebound. Like with everything, the more centered I can be in myself, the more peace and resolution I can offer the world.

    The article on the link Freedom really points to that. What amazing tenets to live by.

    Thank you for sharing this Ali. Thank you Thank you.

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