what we like, think, do, wish, create

Do you like them too? 🙂

Off to shower and salsa!





Comments on: "What I’m Listening To Today (thinking of you)" (2)

  1. These are cool. I Will like listening to them with you. What are your favorite things about them? I read a nice article about Adele’s super success in Entertainment Weekly a week ago (Shannon and Chris subscribed).

    I don’t know about the weird website in this video but I really like this song and the Obama mash up. Is there a site that just has the songs without the videos? I think they used to have mp3s or something on google but I can’t find just the audio files now.

  2. Did you watch the Barbra Streisand clip recommended at the end of the Lea Michele video? My mom was a huge Barbra fan when I was growing up; she has about thirty of her records. And we watch the Prince of Tides and Yentl and The Way We Were, and Funny Girl and Funny Lady. Seen any of them?

    I had a client last year in Boston, who was a huge Streisand fanatic. He was a big, round gay man in his 50s with a bald head, a lot like my uncle Jimmy, but he was softer, and evidently wounded having suffered from mental illness his whole life, having been tortured by one his four sisters as a child. He lived a great life in theory, nice apartment near the waterfront in the north end of Boston–i’ll take you there sometime, it’s like little Italy. But he became overwhelmed easily, and attested to often experiencing flashbacks (I think his father was hard on him too). But he loved Barbra–he made me borrow the vhs of her first television special in black and white when she was about 20. Wild. When I was listening to Lea Michele, I thought she sounded like her, even tho I didn’t know/remember that song, and then she popped up. Funny tidbit.

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