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It’s drippy, and gray. I have lots to grade, which I suppose is ok; not much else to do anyway with Katie in Belize and the weather as it is, and exercise on hold. My energy’s down again today – not quite as much as yesterday, but still down. It’s strange not knowing what’s going on with my body. I was barely hungry for lunch today – I was hungry all through making it, but when I finally sat down to eat it, I almost had to force myself to eat. I wonder if I’m getting a little too used to blended foods….my smoothie was SO good this morning! Best in a while. Really fresh, ripe fruit: mango, kiwi, and a new one that’s from around here called a chicozapote:

I added chia seeds and shredded coconut and water and it was DELICIOUS.

If you have time to read any of the above articles, I’d love your thoughts/reactions.



Comments on: "Some articles to ponder, and new fruit!" (2)

  1. Love it. I wanna try chicozapote!
    I like the only-be-excited-about-the-future-if-you-are-grateful-for-the-present message. Like a prerequisite. Kind of like change and acceptance. I am where I am. That’s helping with the hunger, or longing for you, or anticipation. I am where I am. And I’m grateful. And lucky. And making choices. When I’m stressed, I’m choosing to be stressed. When I stay up too late, I’m choosing that too. No need to beat myself up, just notice. Cuz then maybe I can make a different choice. Or maybe not. But I’m empowered. A little detachment goes a long way. I am grateful to have that power, on occasion; to step back and appreciate. Thank you for sending me this! Is it all right if I read one article each day, like a dessert for another day of living? Like chewing slowly.

    Maybe our band could be called Reverence.

  2. Making Lust Last:

    I like the strategies! I def. want to laugh and reminisce with you. I also want you to feel like I nurture your favorite self and vice versa. Keep letting me know ways I can do that, si? I met another guy who works at a DCPS school yesterday, but then hesitated just sending the info along to you, after your frustration-with-teaching email, wanting to be sensitive to your evolving goals.

    I haven’t cracked the ED book yet that Dr. McCarthy recommended. Played phone tag with that therapist Susan Segal a while back. Shall I call her again? Want me to set up an appointment or wait till you get here?

    I have heard of oxytocin before. I like the idea of investing in oxytocin, and working to ignore ephemeral dopamine. Carving out times to just be with each other, with nothing plan, to be close and enjoy each other will be wonderful. I want to bathe in your sunlight.

    But I’m here for your clouds too. Page 4 seems to speak to vulnerability and the importance of feeling safe and trusted by your partner. I appreciate when you ask about my sprained ankle, or whatever might be bothering me, not so I can wallow, but just because I know you care, and I don’t have to perfect. Feeling understood really turns me on ☺.

    I hope you feel that from me too. I love hearing your inner thoughts and feelings, good and bad; how you’re understanding the world. Paradoxically, the more I hear it the more I sense that everything will be all right, and that I can help, and that we’ll support each other together and there’s no challenge we can’t surmount. I like being on your team and hearing your insides.

    Gonna go watch the videos and click on more links! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to do it in person soon.

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