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Up late. Not sure yet, but it could be a rather late night. I’m working on my Pecha Kucha for Habla: http://www.pecha-kucha.org/

Not really feeling it – haven’t hit the sweet spot, not sure if it’s going to come. I forgot your mom and Bill were coming today! I was thinking tomorrow. How cool to have them there. I like imagining all of you, plus the cats, in your space. And moving!! So exciting! I wish I were there to help, to see the new place, to ‘christen’ it with you. 🙂

Thank you for your thoughts on frustration, love. I love being able to share things like that with you, things I’m not proud of. And hear your thoughtful, reflective response. Wish I could just meditate on that instead of this rubbish pecha whatever-kucha! Honestly the person I’m the most wanting to ‘impress’ is my sister, cause she’ll be there watching. The rest of the group – whatever. We all know each other, we all know how busy we all are and this thing is a little added bonus, a little unpaid work that we are all agreeing to do….why? Out of the idealism in our hearts, out of not wanting to let Kurt and Marimar down. Maybe it’ll be helpful, useful even, in the end. As long as I get some sleep tonight. Ok, back to work…


PS: Craving sweets. Haven’t felt this much on the ED or Cleanse, but now that it’s late, and it’s going to be much later soon, I’m craving chocolate, and sugar. Doesn’t help I just spent awhile looking at this website: http://coconutbliss.com/coconut-bliss-products/chocolate-hazelnut-fudge Is this brand of coconut ice cream available in DC? I don’t remember. On their website it sounds like it’s west coast? Well at least you have that other brand….have you been indulging since the cleanse started or no? ok back to work!!


I couldn’t figure out how to add a photo to a comment so i put the pic of mom and bill here:


Comments on: "feels like i’m in grad school again" (1)

  1. Maybe you could just ’empress’ your sis, since that’s what you are. In my eyes at least. I bow down. 😉
    Could you open up to her about how you’re feeling about it?
    What will you guys do this weekend?

    I can’t eat that coconut milk ice cream cuz it has peanut butter and chocolate. I bought some burt’s bees shampoo and condish, today. It still has a ton of ingredients but I think they’re a lot better.
    I made a very filling smoothie tonight. Strawberries, blueberries, mango, hemp protein powder, mesquite powder, water, ice, chia seeds, vanilla extract, and almond butter.

    It’s hot in the apartment, the humidity seeping through the walls. The vacuum’s not working, spitting the dust back out. It doesn’t ook all packed, but many hands will make this work light.

    I kinda wanna watch a movie, but maybe I’ll just try to get extra sleep again. And read this book my mom gave me, written by my 6th grade English teacher: http://vitessepress.com/index.php/blog/tags/Its-Not-About-Winning/

    I think this is the 22nd place I’ve lived, and Dupont will be 23 (not counting the Obama campaign). Where will be next 🙂 :)!!!?

    tenga un buenazo fin de semana, amor


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