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3rd Try

I don’t remember what I’ve said and not said. Jumbled!

In my first message to you this afternoon, the first thing I wrote was thanking you for your warmth and openness in your email, and for your implicit forgiveness of the crabbiness and stressed-ness in mine. Thank you, again. πŸ™‚ Then I talked more about Laurene, and about teaching, education in general, then who knows. Later, there’s always later. I don’t need to go into these things now.

If you want to know about my day with Clean I posted it on the Cleansite….

I don’t even know what to say, love. I’m sorry. I tried to write you twice and both times erased, and your messages to me are in different emails and things, and it’s late. So I’ll just say hello, ok?

I’m glad you went to bed early. Were you able to sleep, or did the thunderstorm keep you awake? How are you feeling this morning?

So glad you’re feeling the “can’t control it, this is life, just dig it” (does that sum it up? πŸ™‚ feeling about obstacles along the way, love. Such a great perspective, orientation to have. Just makes things so much easier, too! Just all part of the journey, the adventure.

I’m taking your (and Amanda’s) advice and skipping the evoo tonight. Excited to get sleep. I did some research online and turns out some people are allergic to olive oil! Did you know that? And nausea/cramping/diarrhea is one of the main symptoms. What’s weird though is that I don’t feel that way all the time with it – only when whatever I’m eating has high concentration of oil and not much else (like pesto pasta, or super deep fried zucchini, or evoo by itself). I can eat olive oil on salads, no problem. I can have pesto in small quantities on sandwiches or whatever. And deep fried foods aren’t usually olive oil but some other oil, right? Strange, no?

How are you doing with portion sizes? Since I’m skipping the recipes and just kinda improvising, I’m thinking some of my last few meals have been too big. I’m confused about what we are supposed to be shooting for. What have you been doing/feeling?

Ok, bed bed bed. Tonight I practiced English with Irving since he’s taking the TOEFL again on Saturday. Man, they’re making it so tough for him and my other friends applying out of the country. Such a shame – he’s such a great guy and would be such an asset! He just found out he didn’t get one of the scholarships he applied to today. It was from Santander Bank, which is based in the UK (where he’s hoping to study). They offer 5 – 10 scholarships to people from all of Latin America (and he said Spain, too) to study in the UK, and he wasn’t picked. Tough chances! I wish there was something I could do to help him. Like write a letter, or connect him with someone. But who? Do I know anyone? ;0

Ok now bed. Goodnight and good morning, love. Hope you had pleasant dreams and wake up with a clearer head and a stabler foot.



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  1. I like reading your Clean posts. Did you see I made a Clean page on here, too? Maybe overkill.
    I was thinking about portion more. I make a lot of food…and then eat half of it and save the other half. I try to do that at restaurants sometimes, ask for a box or doggie bag soon after I get my meal so half of it is hidden quickly.
    I’ve heard before that the LIVESTRONG site is supposed to be good. I gotta keep up the lean protein once this is done.
    I stayed up too late tonight and am starving. I definitely need to keep going to bed early so I don’t have many hours post-“dinner” awake. I’m Gonna hit the sack now and hope to get 7 hours of sleep. Fun weekend planned with Mom and Bill. Lots of folks are coming to help with the moving which is nice. I hope you have nice skyping with the fam tonight. I’m excited to meet them soon. I’ll go read the God article now, thanks for sharing it!

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