what we like, think, do, wish, create

Not necessarily forever-titles:

Brian and Ali’s Rules For Life

Brian and Ali’s Guide to College

Brian and Ali’s Guide to Your 20s

Things Parents Know How To Do (co-written by my siblings)

Brian and Ali’s Fantasy Series That Is Totally Better Than Harry Potter (Or At Least As Good With Definitely A Better Ending)

Ok too hot to think. I was feeling inspired for about a second. ADD MORE!

PS: I made a new page for us to keep a record of things we want to do together, places we want to go, etc. Add more! And if you think of anything else that would make a good ‘page’ instead of a ‘post’ just do it!  What do you think about book titles? Projects? Hippy baby names? 😉


Comments on: "Let’s Write These Books Together" (1)

  1. what is the new page called? is it a different URL?

    Brian and Ali’s Guide to the Universe: Galactic and Other-wise

    Brian and Ali’s Yes-You-Can-Be-a-Cook Book

    Brian and Ali’s treatise on why everyone is creative

    Brian and Ali’s Kayakable Conversations of Love: and Why You Can Have Some, Too!

    those pages sound great. where do i find them?

    how about
    types of bicycles
    non-toxic fabrics
    50 Parks in the World we want to Visit
    International guide to Cenotes
    how to withstand heat
    …maybe I’m straying back to book titles 🙂

    do you know this song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8lP7ZXe5t4

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