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This is a blog for Brian and Ali. You and me. At first I was going to call it 3000 miles, cause that’s about how far away we are, driving distance anyways. Yet to me you feel much closer than that. Like if I really needed you too, you could drive down here, or I could somehow swim across the gulf to you.

Sometimes the distance is nice. I think you said once it increases our longing. We can’t do anything about it, and the time isn’t really that long. Let’s meet here, where we started, writing.


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  1. So this is a third location then, perhaps. Between Merida and DC, where we can live and work and love and CLEANse together. How was your day? What should we make for dinner? Wanna take a walk to and through our park? What are you yearning for? How do you feel? Shall we put it in a song?
    The sun just came out brighter and more reflective after the rain. A 430pm morning. Afternoon dawn. Wanna read to me, while I hold you close?

  2. Mm. Yes. All those things. What does our park look like? Does it have weeping willows, and a stream? I hope so. Does it have trees that grow fruit that we can pick, like berries, or apples? Is it like a forest with trails or like a park with paved paths?

    My day was good, love. I woke up to my alarm, crabby and tired, and then realized I had set it an hour early, which gave me time to go on a glorious run! On the way home from work I bought some carob powder, some more toasted amaranth, some aloe vera/neem/lavender soap (neem is apparently some wondrous plant in India?!), and I splurged and bought some cashew nuts (called nuez de india, here). I just boiled my first beets in probably 5 years – they’re super cheap here – and I think I might make a beet salad to bring to Kurt’s party tomorrow night – for my own survival, and also to show Kurt this cleanse can be fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ Kurt was funny about the cleanse – giving me kind of a hard time about it, all in fun. His friends are visiting and they were very supportive.

    Last night’s Habla party was great – Irving gave me a big hug and thanked me for what I had written on his evaluation, Armando and Irving and I talked about food and health and decided we want to get a temescal! I’m not sure if I’m spelling it right, but it’s basically a Mayan ritual sweat lodge experience. It sounds crazy intense (4+ hours long, totally dark, ridiculously hot and humid), but amazing. Karla’s done it a bunch and she talked and talked about how profound it’s been in her life. I think it sounds like the perfect thing, the perfect time – to detox some demons while I’m detoxing some chemicals, too! Oh I just found this: http://www.cyberbohemia.com/Pages/originoftem.htm

    I don’t know why, because I thought I made you an Editor, but I needed to approve your comment before it posted. I’ll try to remedy this, but if you have ideas, let me know.

    How do you feel about this layout? I like playing with and changing the themes of these things. I like this one cause of the picture at the top and the simplicity of it, but I go back and forth with the darkness. At the moment it seems so dark. What do you think? Maybe I’ll play around a little….do you mind? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And you, love? How was your day?

    Afternoon dawn. Nice. If we have kids, let’s name one afternoon and the other, dawn. Ha! I am picturing us as crazy hippied out parents. I love it. Poor kids.

  3. Ok I think I figured out the comment thing. And how do you like this new layout? Is our park kind of like this?

  4. I like the layout. Please do play around a little though if you want. I like watching your creativity sprout and weave.
    Hippies, eh? My hair is getting long, this may be it’s last growth spurt. I wish I had timed it for the winter instead of summer. I used to be really into tie dye when I was young.
    I do like that bridge. I really like bridges, the smaller and more homemade the better (but sturdy, o’course).
    I’m imagining you sweating in a lodge. And I was sposed to go to sleep! Well, let me close my eyes and focusing on the spirituality of the experience. There might be a face off between Tom’s of Maine and the sauna at my gym next week.
    Ahp! There it is. I’m sleepy. My thoughts start to mangle and blend like metaphor soup. But I will dream of you and our trees, bridges, kids, and Rock Creek. Where soon we’ll walk, and be, we.

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